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MyFrames helps you combine multiple photos (support unlimited photos) into eye-catching frames that you can save to your mac or share to Facebook. With thousands of adjustable frames, borders, rounded corners, patterns and customized background, you will really always have a unique look.

MyFrames is an easy to use and powerful app for you.
Drag photos into app --> Choose a frame/layout --> Change border/background/size/rounded corner... --> Save or share it.

Main Features:
♥ Thousands of adjustable frames/layouts
♥ Random layout
♥ Support unlimited photos

♥ Rounded corners
♥ Easy color picker for background color and border color
- it will remember your color history
♥ Support pattern and customized background
♥ Change the border size and color
♥ Change the shadow radius
♥ Change the margin and space
♥ Zoom and move the photos

♥ Support ratios 1:1 3:2 2:3 4:3 3:4 16:9 16:10 and you can customize it
♥ High resolution (9000x9000)

♥ Share to Facebook

Easy to use
- drag photos into canvas to add photos
- drag photo onto exist photo to replace it
- drag a exist photo onto the other one to exchange the two photos
- drag photo out of main window to remove it
- change frame in one click
- magnify photo with gesture or double click
- auto-adapt to frame with right click


MyFrames For Mac

MyFrames For iPad/iPhone




If you have any problems or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email us:

  1. How can I get the layouts to show up?
  2. How to add/replace photo(s)?
  3. How to remove/delete photo from frame?

Q: How can I get the layouts to show up?

A: The layouts are calculated and listed automatically depending on the number of photos. e.g. When you added three photos, the layouts which contains three frames will be showed in the bottom bar of the main window.
Layouts for 2 photos

Layouts for 3 photos

Layouts for 4 photos

Layouts for 10 photos


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Q: How to add/replace photo(s)?

A: You can ADD or REPLACE photo with a simple dragging operation. Please check out the follow image:

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Q: How to remove/delete photo from frame?

A: Drag the photo out of the main window.

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